Marsha Stepensky, MS

October 11, 2022

Self Care Corner October 2022

Marsha Stepensky, MS.Ed, BCBA, is a Content Producer at Floreo. She suggests incorporating self-care into your daily (or more often!) routine and has some ideas to help you do that. Marsha has some suggestions:

Self-Care. It’s hard to escape hearing about it or seeing the hyphenated word plastered on a skin care or health foods window display. Glancing through social media, you would get the impression that self-care equates to a luxurious spa day, a $17 organic acai bowl, or a last minute trip to the Caribbean to “disconnect.”

The reality is self-care does not need to be expensive, extravagant, or time-consuming. We all know the positive benefits in caring for ourselves, we hear people talk about, and we know we should practice it – but actually doing self-care can feel like an exhausting task. Yes indeed, caring for ourselves is more easily said than done. For too often we push self-care to the very end of our to-do list; a to-do list so long, it was probably written by Tolstoy himself. I’m guilty of it too. I own three mindfulness reflection journals and have written nothing in none of them (I ended up converting one of them into a work notebook).

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