February 17, 2022

Creative ways to fund a Floreo subscription

We know that the past few years have been difficult and unpredictable, but this is a great time to consider adding innovative technology like Floreo to your classroom or practice. With our telehealth capabilities, you can move seamlessly between in-person or remote sessions to help improve outcomes for your students and clients no matter what situation you find yourself in!

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February 11, 2022

Floreo 2022 Outlook

I founded Floreo in 2016 based on a deeply personal connection with autism spectrum disorder. I saw first-hand the challenges that children with ASD faced with learning social and executive functioning skills, and how a child could respond positively through the use of virtual reality technology as a tool to aid the development of social and executive functioning skills. Now, looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, I see an accelerating demand for technologies that can help address the practical needs of the growing population of neurodiverse individuals. 

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