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September 16, 2021

“I’m just different” -- Elijah McClain to Aurora police officers

I wanted to bring to your attention the death of Elijah McClain, in part, because I think it gives light to the tragic consequences when communities are unaware of the importance of understanding neurodiversity. Some of you might have followed the news recently that criminal charges have now been filed in Colorado against the police and first responders involved in the encounter that led to his death.

We don't know what health conditions Elijah did or didn't have, and frankly we don't have to know. What is obvious watching the video and news reporting is that an upstanding young adult was going about his life. He encountered law enforcement and met an unnecessarily confrontational response because he simply didn't behave in a precise, compliant manner expected by the officers. That the situation quickly escalated into him being recklessly drugged as a means of pacification is horrifying. 

The needs of the neurodiverse community are to be respected and heard. And the more we as a society can embrace neurodiversity, the more likely all people will benefit regardless of self-identification. That's why I hope all of us continue to stay tuned as this case proceeds through the justice system. The more attention we can all bring to the life of Elijah McClain, the more that will lead to an awareness and acceptance of differences. 

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