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May 18, 2022

We love hearing from our customers. Whether it is suggestions for lessons, data reporting capabilities, research collaborations, or just an anecdote or two, our team is always inspired by the work you are doing. We are excited to share a little bit about one of our customers, California Psychcare, this week. If you are interested in being spotlighted next, please let us know!

Spotlight on


California Psychcare discovered Floreo at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic when their behavioral treatment and adaptive skills training services transitioned from being almost exclusively in-person to a remote telehealth model. As their talented and dedicated clinicians began adapting to the new normal, they knew it was important to maintain  the same level of care to which their clients were accustomed  in-person. Their research into technology and tools to help support their clients remotely led them to Floreo. Clinical Supervisor, Elizabeth Pascual, M.S., BCBA described her first impression of the system: “We were immediately impressed by the catalog of lessons and compelled by how interactive the Floreo world was. During this time when people were being sequestered into their homes, the world of Floreo seemed like it was opening doors.”

While telehealth was the initial inspiration for their usage of Floreo, as the pandemic has continued on and California Psychcare has started offering in-person services again, they have  included Floreo sessions as part of their in-person services and expanded their usage to more locations and clinicians. Ms. Pascual shared, “Floreo has been such a great tool! Not only have I been able to use Floreo to enhance current programs I have already been targeting, but the large library allows me to access new goals that I have not yet targeted. It also allows me to generalize programs and contrive scenarios that otherwise would have been very difficult.” 

She continued on, “I have a client who had a difficult time responding to bullies. He learned what responses to make, but I wasn’t sure if this was generalizing. Typically I’d have been able to observe this student in his natural environment, like at school or playing with peers. However, at the time, this was impossible due to the pandemic. I introduced him to the bullying programs on Floreo, and by the end of our lessons, he was able to confidently respond to every scenario. Our goal is always to keep our clients safe, so it is not always feasible to practice these lessons in the real environment. By doing these lessons through Floreo, we’ve been able to teach real-world skills in a safe, controlled environment.”

California Psychcare staff have used Floreo with Learners of many different ages, verbal abilities, and varying goals and challenges. They love that their clients get excited to use Floreo because it feels like a game. This makes it easier to teach and practice the skills on which their clients are working. Read more on our blog.

New Partnerships


A warm welcome to our newest partners: Bliss Academy School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CA) who are part of the Haynes Family of Programs. We look forward to helping you serve the needs of your clients and communities!

Are you ready to join the Floreo family? We would love to discuss implementation in your school, district, or practice!

Upcoming Events


Let us know if you plan to attend any of these upcoming events! We would love to schedule time to meet with you!

May 19: Our friends at Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities are attending the OACB 2022 Spring Conference in Columbus, OH. This is a conference for all 88 Ohio County Boards of DD. They will have information on Floreo and would love to discuss their Floreo experience with you!

May 28-30: Meet members of the Floreo team at the ABAI Annual Convention in Boston. 

We hope to see you soon!

In case you missed it...

For any teachers or schools who haven't tried Floreo yet, summer is a great time to do it!  Add almost 200 immersive, engaging experiences to your summer curriculum. A summer school or summer camp roll out is a great way to get familiar with Floreo before implementing it in your larger classroom in the fall!

Starting at $750 per classroom, reach out to us to learn more details about our summer school program.

If you already have Floreo and are interested in discussing best practices for deploying Floreo in a summer school or camp setting, we would love to set up some time to discuss logistics with you!

Grant update

Attention Schools and Districts in Texas: All Texas local education agencies are eligible to apply for grant funding to increase their capacity to implement innovative programs that effectively serve students with autism ages three through 21. It is a great time to implement Floreo in your district, school, or regional center with the help of this grant! Let us know how we can help support your efforts to secure funding through this grant.

Research study opportunity
Our partners at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are recruiting participants for a compensated survey about autism and police. Please consider participating or sharing with others who might be interested!

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