Get a sneak peek of the upcoming Floreo Store!

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July 28, 2021

We continue to hear positive feedback from customers who have experienced our redesign and new lessons! We would love to hear what you think too.

We are hard at work on the content we still have in the pipeline, including the Floreo store! The shelves and aisles are filling up as Floreo's amazing art director, Meredith Gammon, builds a fun environment to learn and practice skills in the grocery store. While we don't have a release date for the Floreo store yet, stay tuned for the announcement for our upcoming August release and enjoy a sneak peek at just a little bit of what you can look forward to in the store!

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New Partnerships

A warm welcome to our newest partner: North Jersey Behavioral Health Services (NJ). We look forward to helping you serve the needs of your clients and community!

We would also like to give a big shout out to Cuyahoga Board of Developmental Disabilities (OH) who recently tripled the size of their original Floreo program due to intense interest and popularity amongst their clients!

Are you ready to join the Floreo family? We would love to discuss implementation in your school district or practice!

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New Content


We released 16 new Learning Cards as part of our July release and redesign (including our brand new content related to Executive Functioning)! We showed you our new Guided Meditations, Join a Conversation, Understanding Airport Security, Listen & Find series, and several of our Focusing Learning Cards in the past few newsletters. We also released several other engaging, evidence-based lessons too!

New Lesson: Listen for 3 Words and Tell the Coach

Who it is for: Learners of all ages

What's new: Our new Responding to Auditory Information skill category helps the Coach guide the Learner through different scenarios where the Learner must listen and then perform a task or respond to a peer.

In this Learning Card, the Coach chooses three words from the six options available. The peer character in the scene says the three selected words and then tells the Learner to repeat the words. The Coach can choose the same three words or a variety of words.

Consider pairing with: The new Listen & Find series in Responding to Auditory Information. Help the Learner listen and then follow the instructions given by the safari guide!

Research study opportunity

Our partners at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are recruiting participants for a compensated survey about autism and police. Please consider participating or sharing with others who might be interested!


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