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Floreo | VR learning tools to help individuals with autism | We are leveraging the power of Virtual Reality to develop social and communication tools for individuals with autism spectrum distorder.

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October 19, 2020

Virtual trick-or-treating with Floreo!


Looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your Floreo Learner? In most locations across the U.S. this year, trick-or-treating at neighborhood houses will be out of the question, but if you are looking for a substitute, Floreo may be the answer.

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February 26, 2020

Get a sneak peek of our upcoming bullying lessons!


Our newest lessons will give the Learner an opportunity to recognize a bullying situation as well as take steps to deescalate/respond to the encounter. Immersive VR gives the Learner the opportunity to practice responding to a bully in a safe, realistic, and repeatable environment. We will send an announcement once these lessons are available in the Floreo app!

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