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Floreo | VR learning tools to help individuals with autism | We are leveraging the power of Virtual Reality to develop social and communication tools for individuals with autism spectrum distorder.

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    October 13, 2021

    Get ready for Halloween with Floreo!

    Are you getting into the fall spirit as things start to cool down in many places around the US? If your Learner will be participating in Trick-or-Treating this Halloween, get them prepared for the experience by playing our Trick-or-Treat lesson. Your Learner can practice a routine to understand what to expect when Trick-or-Treating, as well as social skills like remembering to say "Please" and "Thank you" when requesting candy.

    To make things extra fun, have your Learner dress up in their favorite costume and have the Coach place a piece of real candy in their hand or bag during the lesson. Floreo character Emma is dressed up in a booooo-ti-ful costume too!

    Find the Trick-or-Treat lesson in the Community & Daily Living or the Infrequent Events skill categories. Or read more about it and all of the lessons in our library. We would love to hear how it helped your Learner!

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    October 07, 2021

    How has Floreo been helpful for you so far?

    We have been hearing wonderful things about how Floreo has been helpful already as folks settle into this new school year. From using Emotional Regulation lessons as a station in the classroom to working on IEP goals like responding to greetings or joining a conversation, Floreo's lesson library is being heavily used in both clinical and classroom settings.

    And, don't forget that Floreo is a great tool for remote learning or telehealth too! Clients and students can continue Floreo use with a Coach in a different location in the event of quarantine or school/clinic closure. We would love to talk to you about implementing in your school district or practice. It's a great time to start subscribing!

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    September 30, 2021

    Just released: The Floreo Grocery Store!

    For most of this year, our talented team of clinicians, artists, and engineers has been hard at work on developing the Floreo Grocery Store. As you can probably imagine, there are a ton of important details that go into creating something so expansive!

    We have started this suite of lessons with our brand new Orienting to the Grocery Store lesson. We are hard at work on more in the grocery store suite, including expansion into other skill categories like Flexibility and Impulse Control.

    The Floreo Grocery Store has been a top customer request for some time and we are excited to see it come to life! We can't wait to hear what you think. And don't forget to suggest lessons you would like to see us build next! You may just see them in an upcoming release.

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    September 22, 2021

    Have you checked out the Floreo lesson library lately?

    We know things are still very up in the air! If you find yourself in a telehealth or remote learning situation, remember that the benefits of Floreo can be fully deployed in a remote setting. If your organization is looking for a remote or hybrid solution, we would be a great fit! Or, if you are back to in-person therapy or education, Floreo can be a fun and engaging way to help your Learners work on social, communication, behavioral, and life skills.

    From working on joint attention related skills to practicing a routine to safely cross the street or practicing complex interactions like recognizing and responding to bullying situations (and everything in between!) there's something for everyone in our lesson library. We would love to talk with you about implementing Floreo in your school, district or practice.  

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    September 02, 2021

    Floreo featured in a report by The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation!

    We are proud to be highlighted in a recent report published by The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation as an example of effective and engaging technology already in use in K-12 classrooms. If your school district or classroom could benefit from Floreo, please reply to this email to discuss our flexible subscription options (including rental equipment!).

    Remember that Floreo has both in-person and telehealth options for our customers. If your school or clinic might be switching to remote learning/telehealth at some point in this school year, let's talk about how Floreo's lessons to teach social, behavioral, social and life skills can be incorporated into your routine to help. Read the Report here.

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    August 18, 2021

    Just released: new populated Cafeteria lessons!

    Floreo was recently featured on the new reality series by ARM: Exploring the Future of Consumer Technology. Floreo Founder & CEO, Vijay Ravindran, discusses the ways that Floreo is helping to improve the lives of individuals with autism, making services more accessible for many, and enhancing therapy and special education settings. Huge thanks to our partners at The Manhattan Childrens Center for their participation too!

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    August 11, 2021

    Use Floreo to help transition back to in-person school!

    Stay tuned for our upcoming August content release with new lessons in our School Social skill category! As your children, students, and clients head back to school this fall, we think these lessons will help with the transition: especially for kiddos who have spent much of the past year participating in remote learning. Some Learners will benefit simply from the opportunity to feel what a school environment feels like (classrooms, hallways, cafeterias). Then, practice social norms, discuss appropriate behavior in the classroom, learn classroom routines, practice interactions in the school cafeteria, and talk about what to expect in a school setting with your Learner!

    We would love to hear what other school related lessons would be helpful for your Learner!

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